Hope Primary School

EAGLE using TANKS, an UNPLUGGED CODING game developed by the Leva Foundation from South Africa runs regular trainings at the primary school. The Headmaster, Mr Melusi is very passionate about opening the world of technology to his student body. Unplugged coding refers to programming without the use of computers. It uses customized tokens and image recognition to introduce learners to coding concepts without the use of a computer.

We want to go to farm schools and bring them a message of hope. To say, it doesn’t mean if they don’t have computers they cannot learn how to code.

Hope Secondary School

Hope Secondary School opened in January 2020 with 46 pupils and has grown to accommodate almost 200 students today. Using the EAGLE NEST, Hope Secondary pupils were able to pursue their studies during COVID-19-induced lockdowns through e-learning. This e-learning model continues today in the form of on-site tablet access, and enables Hope Secondary to keep the school fees affordable to the community. Additionally, access to this advanced technology gives its 4 teachers the tools to teach 8'O level subjects. This model also encourages pupil engagement and participation through interactive lessons and group discussion forums