An EAGLE Mentor is someone who will support, advise and guide the learners. They should take time to know each student and the challenges they are facing in their spiritual and educational journey. As Mentors, they should be in a position to use their understanding and personal experience to help them grow and fulfil their God given potential. An EAGLE Mentor must possess:

  • A genuine love for and interest in the life of his or her learners.
  • A desire to reach and train young people for Christ
  • A desire to impart their knowledge on the next generation

How to

Get involved

Click here to access the Application form.

After reviewing your application, we will:

  • Place: Conduct a site check to see if you have a conducive learning environment.
  • Personnel: Require you to have at least 2 people to mentor the learning group.
  • Pupil: Need you to have at least 10 pupils willing to be a part of the learning group.
  • Pricing: Discuss the learning group models available and the financial implications.
  • Pray: Help prepare you to assist EAGLE students in integrating their faith into their everyday lives.

We will hold a training on how to effectively run your learning group.

Welcome to the team!!!!!!


Do you want to be part of a great learning experience?


Do you have a safe and secure location and are you passionate about young people?


Do you want to be the ultimate entry point to communities, helping to educate children with a Kingdom perspective?