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Cowdray Park

Cowdray Park is the fastest-growing high-density suburb in Bulawayo. A survey by Zimbabwe Women Resource Centre Network (ZWRCN) revealed that about 45% of children of school-going age in Cowdray Park are not in school owing to lack of adequate education resources in the suburb–an additional 15 schools are required to absorb the children there. EAGLE’s mission is to fill this deficit and empower this community with access to education.

EAGLE in Cowdray Park

Hope Schools

Hope Schools are located in the Umguza District, which lies in the southern part of Matebeleland North. They are located in Hamara Farm which operates in a poor peri-urban region with a high rate of Primary and Secondary school dropouts. Hope schools have become a place of refuge that provides learners with high-quality resources at an affordable fee.

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Silozwane Village is located in Matobo, a little-known treasure in southwest Zimbabwe. The area is characterized by massive rocks, mountains, and rivers, making it one of the most beautiful and nature-rich areas in the country. This remote location comes with a price: the nearest high school is 15 km away, requiring students to walk long distances to get to school. Fortunately, EAGLE Learning’s partnership with the community has brought education to this village.

EAGLE in Kezi


Rangemore is only 40km away from Bulawayo CBD. The continuously growing population of this suburb is overwhelming for the current school system, and requires the majority of students to travel far away for their education. EAGLE Learning’s presence in this area seeks to complement efforts being done and to provide resources that students can access easily.

EAGLE in Rangemore