Why do we exist?
What is our vision?

To provide Enhanced Access to Great Learning WExperiences that empower Africa's next generation to unlock its potential.

  • A genuine love for and interest in the life of his or her learners.
  • A desire to reach and train young people for Christ
  • A desire to impart their knowledge on the next generation

How to

Get involved

Click here to access the Application form.

After reviewing your application, we will:

  • Place: Conduct a site check to see if you have a conducive learning environment.
  • Personnel: Require you to have at least 2 people to mentor the learning group.
  • Pupil: Need you to have at least 10 pupils willing to be a part of the learning group.
  • Pricing: Discuss the learning group models available and the financial implications.
  • Pray: Help prepare you to assist EAGLE students in integrating their faith into their everyday lives.

We will hold a training on how to effectively run your learning group.

Welcome to the team!!!!!!


Do you want to be part of a great learning experience?


Do you have a safe and secure location and are you passionate about young people?


Do you want to be the ultimate entry point to communities, helping to educate children with a Kingdom perspective?